5 tips to give your wardrobe a stylish makeover

We know the number of times you have looked at your wardrobe and have been totally clueless as to what to wear. Or at least, when the occasion presents itself, you don’t have clothes that fit such an occasion! Imagine having a date with someone and then you fuss about what to wear because guess what, your wardrobe doesn’t have the exact thing you’d want to wear.
Therefore to avoid landing yourself in such embarrassing situations, Cottonking has come up with a few wardrobe makeover tips!

Tip 1: Find your style

The importance of finding your own style cannot be stressed enough. Since style is all about being yourself and comfortable in what you wear, it is the primary thing to find out what style suits you the best. So go shopping, try on a few styles and make it a point to note what suits your taste better! We won’t ask you to shop all that is trending, because blindly following trends can prove terrible at times.

Tip 2: Make sure you own enough shirt/t-shirt styles

The more shirts or t-shirts styles you own, the more useful can they prove. So make sure you have at least one of these in your wardrobe:
- A polo shirt
- A formal shirt
- A casual shirt
- A print shirt
- A slim fit shirt
- You can buy all of these from the wide range at our stores!

Tip 3: Own a variety of pants

Invest in a number of pant styles. Because, really, you can pair them different shirts or t-shirts and get a complete new look. You wouldn’t imagine what difference a pair of pants can make! But it is certainly not to be underestimated. We recommend the following styles which you can find a variety of at Cottonking..
- Chinos
- Trousers
- Khaki pants

Tip 4: Outerwear

A right outerwear can add that special touch to your outfit. An outerwear can keep you warm on a chilly day while also adding style. While there are outerwear styles emerging now and then, we recommend the following classy ones.
- A bomber jacket
- A pea coat
- An overcoat
- A hoodie

Tip 5: Accessories

Accessories are as important as any other thing in your wardrobe. You could say, they complete your whole look. Here are a few items each man needs to have.
- A tie
- A watch
- A wallet
- A belt
- A pair of socks
- A pair of sunglasses

These are just some tips by Cottonking on how to give your wardrobe a makeover; you can checkout the huge clothing collection we have at our stores to enhance your everyday look! We are sure that having these clothing essentials will come extremely handy and will work 99% of the situations.

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