How often has it been that you had a suddenly planned client meeting and you didn't have time to plan your ensemble? You open your wardrobe and try to rifle through the piles of clothes but don’t find anything suitable to wear because you were too busy experimenting with your outfits! Where quite a lot of men will echo with this situation, there are few still trying to figure out what to wear! This is where essentials come in picture. 
Whether it be men or women, there are some accepted essentials that each closet must have. These are the unsaid favorites that you reach out for when you don't want to waste time on mixing and matching clothes especially on some important days. So to save you from situations like these the list below will familiarize you with some of the most common ‘essentials’!

Basic T-Shirt:
You will definitely find a t-shirt in every man’s closet and may be that's an essential for some. But what takes for it to make to the ‘essentials’ list has to be a well-fitted plain t-shirt in a neutral color (and points for having one in white!). It can be a round-neck or a v-neck. This vital piece of clothing can get you going through any day of the year. Wear it over denims or under your warm winter coat, it's always a good option.

Non-ripped denims:
Believe it or not! No matter how much ever you love ripped denims, there still might be places and situations where such clothing is not appropriate. So you must own a pair of plain blue denims in your closet. Plain denims meaning - single color, no stone washed, not even a single embellishment. It may sound difficult but having this will prove as a saviour in your difficult times. Like when you can't decide if ripped and torn jeans will be suitable.

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Dress shirt:
A dress shirt is a mandatory thing in a man’s wardrobe. And you will be amazed how this shirt can take you places. Over a formal trouser and you are ready for a meeting. Wear it with chinos or khaki pants and hang out with friends. Under a blazer and you can probably attend your friend’s wedding! It not only looks smart, but one in solid colors like blue, white or beige makes your personality seen. Choose from a wide range of dress shirts available at for every size and fit.

Chino Pants:

We have already talked about chinos in our previous blog. Chinos are something to always look forward to because they can be worn for all seasons and come in amazing colours! Also, they can be paired with a number of shirts, meaning, the options are endless! Be sure to check out the wide range of chinos collection that we have.

Leather watch:

Keeping aside your love for metal, you must own a leather strap watch for sure. No matter how blendable and match-worthy a metal strapped watch is or how weak-in-the knee it makes you feel, a leather watch has a different appeal in itself. It looks rustic, clean, and very smart. It shows that you know exactly how to accessorize like a pro.

Black dressy Lace-Up shoes:

You might love loafers for the amount of ease they provide. No tying laces, just slip it on! But you cannot deny the amount of grace lace-up shoes bring to men’s attire. Being formal as well as stylish, they pretty much dominate men’s footwear market. A good black lace-up shoes not only makes your feet look good but they pretty much lift up the whole of your attire!

Now that you have read the guide, we hope you get your wardrobe essentials in order. Doing so will ensure that you have everything you need for almost every season and occasion! Good luck!

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