Trending trousers styles you need to know about!

When it comes to men’s style, most of us tend to think that the options are limited and that there is very few to choose from. But with the fast changing fashion world and a continued exposure to vast trends, men’s fashion has made available a lot of options!

Now, there are an array of options to choose from when buying trousers. They vary from material, fit, occasion and even length. As ordinary as it may sound, a pair of well-fitted trousers is an essential part of a gentleman's wardrobe. Brought to you by CottonKing, below mentioned are some trouser styles you might consider to go with!

Corduroys are also referred to as cords. Though a little tricky to style, if worn correctly, they make for an essential pair of trousers. They can be worn anywhere, from corporate meetings to corporate parties and college lectures to a day out with friends. Best worn casually, they also add a personality to a more formal attire as they are stripey. Dress it down and wear it casually with a sweatshirt or opt for slim-cut corduroy suit for a formal dinner. 

Cotton Trousers

This is one type that is probably already sitting in every gentleman’s closet. The most common of all trouser types: cotton trousers, are the best bet for formal wear. You can never go wrong with this one. Where flat front is best for slim waisted people, pleats at waist make it a favourite for larger men. Being cotton, they are comfortable to be worn throughout the day, and can be stretched for an evening party as well. They are a favorite amongst most men in India.


You have probably heard this name a lot around, haven’t you? Chinos are a fast catching up go-to alternative to the denims. Looking at the weather in India, denims can sometimes get too hot to stay comfortable in. This is where the lightweight cotton constructed chinos come in picture. Amazingly versatile, chinos are a perfect piece of workwear. You work at a bank or a studio, chinos can be your style statement piece. Another factor to own these are the amazing colors they are available in, like tan, blue, beige, grey, off white and much more! Wear it with a tucked in shirt for a great workwear or wear it with a polo t-shirt for a more casual look. They look amazing either way. 

Khaki Pants

A cool option for the more relaxed section of the crowd, Khaki pants are fast catching up in the race of trousers. With a more rugged look to them, Khaki pants are a good alternative to opt when you want to look more casual. These are woven of heavier cotton and stand out due to visible stitches. These can surely be counted in highly durable and dependable set of bottom wear!

If you are looking to stock up on wide range of bottom-wears, these are the styles that a gentleman must-have in their closet.
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