Printed shirts are in! Are you ready to party?

Be it your Christmas office parties or New Year’s plans or maybe just a wedding reception, dressing up might quite prove a task because parties are after all for looking your best. And no matter what anyone else says, being underdressed is embarrassing.

A party would demand for you to wear something vibrant. And what else is more better than a Printed Shirt? Because if you’re eyeing for an vivid look to really speak your style then a Printed Shirt must be your pick!

Now back to our previous question: How to exactly dress up at parties without being over or under dressed?  Fret not. We are here to help you. Read this guide brought to you by Cottonking to help you with your sartorial dilemma.

For Office Parties:
First things first, office parties are well….formal. But it is a party, nonetheless! So while choosing your printed shirt, go for one which emanates elegancy. One could go for lighter shades like white, beige or grey. Like this one from Cottonking:

Wear a pair of chinos that would most complement with the shirt colour. And a tie and a suit, that is, if you’re very used to wearing it and are planning to go for a more formal look.

For All Other Parties:The dressing up of printed shirts for parties other than office is more or less the same. Except that they’re not required to be formal. So for such a casual look, throw on a solid colour jacket - preferably black or dark green or dark brown. And to complete the look, go for a pair of sneakers or loafers.

In conclusion, we would say that you must never underestimate the power of a really good Printed Shirt. They go with both, formal and informal looks and are available in vivid colours! If you haven’t got one yourself, make sure you rush to your nearest Cottonking outlet now!

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