Introducing Cottonking UltraLite - A New Range of 100% cotton shirts.


Cotton shirts for all occasion

Cottonking is the #1 most preferred apparel brand in the country in men’s fashion. Guided by quality and affordability, we provide 100% pure cotton shirts at a reasonable price. With more than 150+ brand stores, we are the most celebrated brand in India.

At Cottonking, we have a diverse collection ranging from formal wear to casual wear. We have formal shirts, semi-formal shirts,slim-fit shirts, casual shirts, tshirts, jeans, trousers, you name it!
Formal Cotton Shirts: They are available in a wide array of styles, patterns and designs, for one to choose from.
Semi-Formals: When you want to go neither too casual, nor too formal then these shirts are your solution.
Slim Formals: Slim fit shirts are a remarkable fusion of comfort and trend.
Casuals Shirts and Tshirts: Our collection of casual shirts is indeed dapper, chic and truly stylish.

Cotton is popular for the comfort that it provides, especially in the fierce heat and humidity. It is an ideal fabric particularly in Summer. Our new UltraLite range is made keeping this in mind. 

Beat the heat with us!

Summer equals scorching heat and sweat. Dressing well in the heat can seem so difficult, but not anymore! Our Ultralite collection is as light as a feather. It is synonymous with comfort and fashion at the same time.
With vibrant colours and bright hues suitable for summer, UltraLite is all you need.
Why Ultralite you wonder? Well her's all you need to know about it!

Lightweight: Our shirts are the lightest in the market and weigh only 200 gms which makes them very airy. Say goodbye to sweat as it is the perfect combination of moisture absorbency and air permeability.
Honest pricing: Our new summer friendly shirts are priced at Rs.995 only. Not just light, but it also provides ultra value for money!

Formal wear: UltraLite includes an extensive range of formal and slim formal shirts perfect for everyday office wear.

Variety: Fresh colours, glamourous patterns, chic style is what you need this summer! Up your fashion quotient with Ultralite.

Fabric quality: We never compromise over quality and believe in proving the best to our customers. We offer 100% pure cotton shirts at a reasonable price. They’re definitely a steal!

Hurry! Buy now to own the most stylish, hip and comfortable office wear tailor-made to suit your summer needs! Visit your nearest Cottonking outlet now or simply visit, locate your nearest store.
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