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So, you have booked an outdoor photoshoot, but then there’s the complexity of what to wear or what will look good for a photography session. The selection of proper clothing for your photoshoot is a critical factor in the preparation of a successful session. It could make all the difference between a successful picture and just another regular picture. The goal is to keep things simple during the session with basic idea of what will look good on you.

Here are different clothing suggestions for your photography session:
1. When shooting outdoors, jeans work really well with a simple t-shirt or collared shirt.
2. The typical recommendation is you should wear long sleeves shirts with long pants or jeans. This draws attention to your face, eliminates distractions from your arms and legs.
3. During the hot weather, it would be better to wear short sleeves or 1/3rd sleeves shirt with chinos or shorts.
4. A tailored or well-cut jacket is a great combination with a light t-shirt and jeans.
5. Always carry one dark shirt, one light shirt, one collared shirt and one t-shirt. Know if you look better in crew neck or V-neck for your t-shirt look.

It may seem like you’re wading in confusing waters when choosing a wardrobe.
Worry not!Cottonking is the one stop destination for all your photography clothing needs.

- We provide more than 3000 varieties of men’s apparels in 100% cotton such as formal shirts, office-wear, semi-formal shirts, casual shirts, t-shirts, cotton jeans, cotton trousers, chinos.
- Wearing our clothes will surely make you stand out in the crowd, also taking care of your comfort and style quotient.
- Cottonking values the customers and also understands the growing inflation. Hence, we ensure that our clothes are stylish and matches our customer’s pocket at the same time.

Adding to customer convenience, we have launched an online store so that you can buy Cottonking apparels online; buying online saves your time and make our apparels available at places where we are yet to reach physically. 

With largest variety in 100% cotton, innovative and ultra-modern clothing options, value for customer’s money, more than 140 outlets across the country, online store with delivery within 2 days, Cottonking is indeed the perfect brand for whichever kind of photoshoot you have in store.

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