Did you know 100% cotton is summer-friendly and fashionable?

Get set to beat the heat our purest and 100% Cotton fabric.
  Here at Cottonking, we provide you with 100% cotton fabric because no matter what you are doing in summers you will be happy wearing cotton. Whether you are planning a summer getaway with family or you need a new wardrobe for work this season or you simply want to stay home away from the rising mercury. You name it and we would provide you with just the right type of fabric for your variant summer needs.

Cotton is the best choice as summer wear because:
- It is breathable which makes it cool and comfortable to carry.
- It absorbs the moisture from the body and helps you keep dry by drawing it away in the air around you.
- It helps in bringing down the severity of any allergic reactions
- It is perfect for those with sensitive skin.
- It does not require much pampering or special care since it can be easily washed and can bear regular laundering without ripping or shrinking.
Along with numerous benefits to its credit,the fact that our cotton clothing actually suits everyone’s pocket, cotton becomes an obvious preference for not only summer but all year long.

After the technicalities, lets acknowledge the genuine aspect that matters to all of us when it comes to clothing: Fashion.
What if we tell you, with Cottonking you can protect yourself against the soaring temperatures as well as manage to look your stylish best!
Don’t believe us? Come give us a visit.
At Cottonking, You will find trendy and great variety of:
- Formal shirts,
- Slim-Formal Shirts
- Semi-Formal Shirts
- Casual Shirts
- T-shirts
- Trousers(Narrow-fit, Plated and Non-Plated)
- Chinos
- Jeans
With our brand- new summer arrivals, we are prepared to make your summers a little more fashionable and a lot less irritable.
So, come visit us at any of our 150 stores across the country.
We also have online stores for you, as we know the benefit of shopping online is getting the goods delivered to your doorstep. To add cherry on the cake, Cottonking now promises a delivery within 2(business) days!

Here’s another GreaT News from Cottonking!
Comment and Tag on our ongoing contest “#CottonkingPresentsStrugglerSaala” and stand a stand to win free summer clothing from us!

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