How to pull off prints like a pro!

Printed shirts are probably one of the greatest trends to emerge recently. So if you were itching to try out a printed shirt but couldn’t find an occasion, then, you can totally wear prints to the next party or vacation you go to. No, really, they are amazing and bright . We at Cottonking have therefore made this guide for you on how to style your prints like a pro. Read on!

Look 1: Dressing Down
This is probably one of the most smart looks you can go for and believe us, it won’t fail to make an impression! Underneath your cotton suit, you can style your printed shirt (one preferably whose shade goes with the suit colour) to give your suit a little casual look. Complete your outfit with a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go!

Look 2: A Mod Look

A simple yet a sharp look, a classic mod is easy to pull off. Pair your printed shirt with pants of neutral colours. You can go for a pair of chinos. If you don’t have one in the shade that will complement your shirt, stop by at Cottonking! And to finish this look, all you need is a pair of boots and you’re done to rock this look!

Look 3: Layering Up

Since winter is already here, this might be a look you can go for. Layering a printed shirt under your sweater and such is more like going for a look that is adventurous. The trick is to keep your look simple! For example, if your printed shirt is white, then layer it under a black sweater. Remember to choose your trousers or chinos along the lines of same shades.

Look 4: A Street Look

A totally casual look, a street look is all about trying new things. Although, make sure since it is winter, try to go for darker shades of printed shirts. Pair your printed shirt with a dark-coloured denim. And to complete this look, you might wanna go for a pair of sneakers.

So, there it is. Your complete guide to styling printed shirts for the next wedding you attend because there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be wearing them. We are sure these styling tips will make you stand out. If you don’t have a printed shirt yourself, or want to try out new colours and patterns, make sure to visit our website or rush to your nearest Cottonking outlet!

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