What to wear to your first day at job/work

Having mixed feelings on the first day of a new job is very natural. It can be very exciting, a little daunting or a mixture of both. Now, no matter how much ever you aced your interview or you bagged your dream job, you are bound to make an impression at your new workplace on your first day. And we all know "First impression is the last impression". Getting your outfit right on this day will pretty much set things straight for you! So don't fret and follow this simple guide to put your best self forward. 

Explore and Research
Needless to say, each office has its own dress code and work culture. Researching and exploring is the key to understanding what your new work environment is like. For example, a corporate job might require you to turn up in more formal attire than a job at a creative firm. Your best bet can be to observe and/or ask your hiring manager or the interviewer up front. Doing this will also show your interest towards knowing about the work culture. Your ensemble should be a little bit more formal than your hirer/interviewer. At least for the first day at work. A polished look tells that you are professional and ready for new challenges.

Stick to Neutrals
Neutrals are the no-brainer in the first-day-look game. They are classics that can never go wrong. Sticking to neutrals like subtle hues of black, brown, navy or tan will help you blend in at your new workplace with versatility. This classic white shirt paired with tan cotton trousers from CottonKing will speak volumes for your personality and spare you from coming out as unprofessional.

For the dressy ones
If you grabbed a job at a media house or a studio, you will be tempted to experiment on the first day. As exciting as it may sound, experimenting on the very first day may be a bad idea unless you know what you are putting on. To give out that casual vibe without looking too dressy, you can go for a checkered shirt in bright shades of blue & white or black & red while keeping the bottoms neutral-colored. We at CottonKing have a wide range of checkered shirts for every occasion and individual. This will not only show your creative side but also not make you look "flashy".

About the Fit
No matter how much ever you like lazing around the house in your oversized T-shirt and sweatpants, but your new boss will not like to see you with those in office. Baggy clothes make you look unprofessional and sloppy. So even if you are working in a creative environment, a good-fitted attire will not only translate to professionalism but even make you feel confident and show that you care about your appearance. Be sure to check out CottonKing as they have a wide range of shirts in slim and regular fits.

Accessory Game
How do you show off your stylish self in a strictly professional environment where you are bound to dress like everyone else? This where accessories come in picture. Accessories as simple as an old analog watch, a cool knit tie, trendy wallet or a classic black buckle-belt can work wonders to amplify your look and make a statement. These add-ons will make you everyone's favourite in no-time.

Plan It Right
The planning and preparation for a new job doesn't end yet with you getting your joining letter. A lot of it will still happen the night before you join the new place. Getting everything ready for what you have to take along to what you have to wear needs to be done the night before. This will save you from any last minute button-missings or ill-fitting and lighten your mind for an important day of your life.

We have it here. The basics to get your first-day-at-work look right. Remember to follow your instinct and keep it simple. With these tips, no one will believe it's your first day. Staying smart is the key when it comes to dressing. Be confident and you are sure to turn heads.

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