Men’s guide to Polo T-shirts

A polo t-shirt is a man’s style staple. One of the most versatile t-shirts any man can own is a polo t-shirt. A polo t-shirt is an ideal summer staple every gentleman should have in his closet. Falling in between t-shirt and a dress shirt, it’s the perfect garment for many events in life that aren’t at all formals, but aren’t outright casual either.

You have a wide range of polo t-shirts in the market but picking the best for yourself is a bit tricky. This guide will help you on how to wear it and when to wear it.

How to wear a Polo T-shirt:

1. Wear them fitted, not tight:
When it comes to wearing a polo t-shirt with style, always go for the length of the sleeve. Sleeves should hit mid way down to your biceps. In all, your t-shirt should fit close to your body.

2. Length of the t-shirt:

This is one of the major concerns while wearing a polo t-shirt. Always go for the length of the t-shirt, not higher than your hip and not lower than a few inches below your waistband. The t-shirt should be long enough that you can tuck it in and short enough that you can wear it untucked.

3. Say no to undershirt:
An undershirt adds excess bulkiness to your body as polo t-shirt itself is tight but not too tight. Polo t-shirts aren’t made for undershirts, it is meant to be worn as base or single layer close to the body.

When to wear a Polo T-shirt:

1. Casual Occasion:

The polo t-shirt is quite versatile and can be worn at many occasions. Polo t-shirts are basically meant for casual occasions. For casual occasions all you have to do is to pair your untucked polo t-shirt with denims, shorts, or wear sneakers to give it a more casual look. When going for a beach party pair your polo t-shirt with shorts and sneakers.

2. Formals:

To go up another level of formality, simplicity is the key. For formal occasions, polo t-shirts usually pair well with chinos or trousers. Tuck in your t-shirt for more professionalism and pair it with loafers or boots. For formal occasion try to stick with solid colours rather than stripped shirt. When you are going for a casual business meeting pair a polo t-shirt with trousers.

Dressed up or dressed down a polo t-shirt is an important part of a men’s wardrobe. Experiment with colours, styles and designs to find one that works for you, and make it work for your wardrobe and personal taste.

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